J​​​​​​​​​oin us for
monthly meetings:
Fayettevville - 7 PM
2nd Wed each month

Little Rock - 6 PM
3rd Mon each month


Fayetteville CCL Meeting Agenda
11 October 2017
7 - 9 PM | OMNI Center
3274 N Lee Ave | Fayetteville

1.Welcome and Introductions (15 minutes)

Congressional Education Day: November13-14: Update and related monthly actions from CCL national, Constituent Comment Forms (10 minutes)

5 levers of CCL - Brief review (5 minutes)

Breakout Groups:  Each group will set goals and discuss possible actions for the coming month(s) with group leaders (25 minutes)

-Lobbying and Media (combined) (Charles and Shelley): Develop media plan for Congressional Education Day
-Grass-tops Outreach (Keaton): Updates on progress, develop next steps
-Grassroots Outreach (Pam): Updates on progress, develop next steps
-New Member Introduction: (Led by CCL volunteer) – This breakout group will introduce new members to CCL and allow for Q&A
Group report back to full meeting (20 minutes)

6.Local Updates (15 minutes)

Meeting with Josh Mahoney – October 23, 5 p.m. Apple Blossom
Environmental Policy Summit – October 27, 2017
Save the date: Regional Conference February 16-18, and Annual Fundraiser April 27
Ft. Smith Group Start – October 21, 10-2

National Updates (15 minutes)

Agricultural Webinar Update – Shelley
Laser Talks
Mighty Earth Campaign - Jessye Waxman (5-10 minutes)
Closing: Set climate action intention for the month and share with your neighbor (5 minutes)

Make plans for November 8 Congressional Call-in
Imagine that the lobby team for your member of Congress hears at the start of their lobby meeting: “We got so many calls in support of carbon fee and dividend on Wednesday!” Wouldn’t that be helpful!   
That’s why we are asking you to organize your group, friends and family to call their Representative and Senators on Wednesday, November 8th, to ask them to enact carbon fee and dividend. If they don’t get through on November 8th, they can leave a message in the evening or try calling on November 9th. Calling on the 8th will allow time for tallies to be communicated through to the Congressional office.
We will send an email to every one of our supporters on November 7th, and a text action alert ( to everyone signed up to receive them on November 8th. But it’s your personal outreach that will make the most difference. Set a group goal and a personal goal: how many calls will your member of Congress receive?
To make it easy and to track the number of calls we’re generating, we encourage using the online action tool on CCL’s website that is specifically set up for the November 8th Call-in. But you may find it helpful to also request that your volunteers & friends let you know when they have called.
At your meeting
1.      Set a group goal and a personal goal for how many calls you will generate.
2.       Ask everyone present to take out their calendar and put in when they will call Congress on November 8th, taking into account the time zone difference in Washington D.C. Go to for the script, phone numbers and to log your call.
3.       Ask everyone present to write down the names of other people they will ask to do the same thing and who they will personally remind early on the November 8th.
4.       Set up a system for people to report how many calls were made. It could be via Facebook or a shared spreadsheet or a central email address. This will help you measure your progress.
5.       Assign someone to send an email to your group roster on November 7th asking them to call the next day. You might also send a “save the date” to your group right away and then remind them early on the 8th.
Additional resources
·         On Facebook: We’ve created an event page at that you can “Share” with your friends. Click that you're “Going” to the event and “Invite friends”!
On CCL Community: We have a resources page on Community
where you’ll find the suggested script for phone calls, a graphic to share with others, and a suggested email to use to invite your friends to participate in the call-in.


2017 Calendar of Events


CCL Chapter Meetings:
1. Fayetteville. 7 PM 2nd Wednesday each month. OMNI Center, 3274 N Lee Ave.

2. Little Rock. 6 PM 3rd Monday each month.


11 October - CCL Monthly Meeting 7PM. OMNI Center.

21 October - Fort Smith GROUP START Meeting. 10 AM - 2 PM. Fort Smith Public Library, Community Room, 3201 Rogers Avenue. More details:

8 November - CCL Monthly Meeting. 7 PM. OMNI Center.

Contact if you are interested in attending.

13 December. CCL Monthly Meeting. 7 PM. OMNI Center.