Carbon Fee & Dividend


Carbon Fee and Dividend (CF & D) is the best way for the US and Arkansas to address carbon pollution reduction. It’s the policy that will reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs, grow the economy and improve the state’s health.


The carbon fee and dividend approach is fair. The fee is placed on each ton of carbon emissions at the fossil fuel source: mine, well, or border. Each source pays the same price for pollution. To ensure fair trade a border adjustment is used.


The recommended fee is $15/ton for the first year. The carbon fee will rise annually by a fixed amount, $10. As the price of fossil fuels increases, due in part to the annually rising carbon fee, polluters are financially motivated to find cleaner and more efficient, ways for energy production. This leads to more investment in clean, renewable energy.


Carbon Fee & Dividend
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100% of collected fees (less 1 – 2% administrative cost) are returned monthly to American households. Adults receive a full share and a half share is returned for the first two children. The dividend distribution is vital for the CF&D solution. It grows the economy, creates more jobs and stimulates clean energy investment. In addition, while the dividend goes to all households, it is essential for safeguarding low and middle income families, during the transition away from fossil fuels.


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