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Supporting Climate Action in Arkansas!

Arkansas Climate Accord Benefit Galas 
Friday April 27, 2018

Altus | Fayetteville | Fort Smith | Little Rock

Become a sponsor of our Arkansas Climate Accord!

Your sponsorship funds our programming and sends CCL-AR members to Washington where they network and train with the national Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Last year we sent 20 volunteers and this year your gift will help us send 30!

The McNamara Collection, from nationally recognized watercolor master William McNamara, has selected 15 pigment prints1 to show appreciation to sponsors. Please select a print from your level of support.
But that’s not all!

The Chateau Aux Arc Winery has created special wines exclusively to support climate action and ARKCCL. The official launch of these wines will take place at our galas, including at the winery in Altus! Donations at the Ambassador and Minister levels will each receive a selection of unique, private reserve wine, Splinters, specially bottled and labeled for ARKCCL and Climate action. 

If you love nature, art and wine and you want to support climate action, fill out the sponsorship request google form here. Give what you can then get the benefits of the gifts and climate action.

The Arkansas Climate Accord will take place simultaneously in Fayetteville, Ft. Smith, Little Rock and Altus. Sample the wine at each event, enjoy live entertainment, a delicious meal and a great group of people to network among.  RSVP to an event near you.  Whether you become a host or just want to attend a fun evening, RSVP at the same link. Admission to all events is FREE but a donation by your discretion is gratefully accepted. Watch the website for more details about each benefit gala.


J​​​​​​​​​​oin us for
monthly meetings:
Fayettevville - 7 PM
2nd Wednesday each month

Fort Smith -6 PM
1st Monday each month

Little Rock - 6 PM
3rd Monday each month

ARKCCL empowers Arkansans to advocate for a healthy environment and climate change solutions through education, encouragement and engagement.

Because of the success, the Citizens' Climate Lobby of Arkansas (CCL-AR) has had in promoting action on climate change and obtaining financial support the leaders of the group came together to form the Arkansas Citizens’ Climate League (ARKCCL) to create the nonprofit support for climate and environmental action in Arkansas. ARKCCL was established to build civic commitment for climate change action and education in Arkansas by empowering its citizens. Currently, ARKCCL is working with local chapters of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to provide resources for emerging leader training and provide access to educational opportunities at the state and local level. A key focus of support is to provide these emerging community climate leaders access to training and education offered trough the Citizens’ Climate Education program.
If you like to know more about our work contact us at  or phone 479.462.8834

ARKCCL is established within the meaning of IRS Publication 557 Section 501(c)(3) Organization of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code") or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code and shall be operated exclusively as set forth in the articles of incorporation. these by-laws specify various matters affecting the operations and governance of ARKCCL.


The Arkansas chapters of Citizens' Climate Lobby are dedicated to the idea that addressing climate change can benefit both our economy and natural way of life.  Keep reading to learn how AR can meet carbon emissions targets while adding ​​thousands of jobs to our economy.

A Market-Based Approach to Climate Change

The free market is the most efficient driver of positive change available to us.  Rather than use comand-control legislation that extracts wealth from the economy and slows growth, CCL proposes allowing the market to choose the best path forward, and reinvesting gains back into the economy and households.
The Result: Up to 35,000 new jobs for Arkansans

How It Works

A pre-determined and steadily rising fee is placed on every ton of CO2 emitted, creating a market incentive to transition toward cleaner energy sources
That fee is then reinvested into the economy as a dividend to households, businesses, or as an investment in clean energy solutions.
Because this investment in lower CO2 emissions is recycled rather than extracted, the economy is free to grow.  The results for Arkansans are huge :
  • Thousands of net jobs added
  • 2030 Clean Power Plan emissions targets met
  • GDP growth that's faster  than "business as usual"
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil

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In short, CCL's solution to meeting EPA requirements and tackling polution here in the natural state is an economic benefit for Arkansans.  With your help we can make sure this responsible approach to tackling climate is realized.