Lunch at the McGill Center June 2022

The Climate League is on the forefront of fostering climate change education and clean energy conversations in Arkansas communities often left out of these vital discussions.  On Friday, June 17th, we sponsored the monthly community luncheon at Fort Smith’s McGill Center. The gathering drew together neighborhood residents and League volunteers. The shared meal created openings for exchanging personal stories and local concerns and aspirations. 

Climate League Board Secretary Shelley Buonaituo reflected after the luncheon: “We have a common interest in educating ourselves about sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy projects that can benefit the community, save money on energy, and contribute to the fight for a healthy planet. One central issue that The League hopes to be able to address with help from experts is how to incentivize landlords to participate in energy efficiency projects on their rental units, by demonstrating that it can be financially viable and to their benefit.” 

 We know the impacts of climate change fall disproportionately on low-income families, and there is a real risk that the clean energy revolution and climate adaptation investments will by-pass low-income communities, who are already bearing increased vulnerability and energy insecurity. That’s why The Climate League prioritizes the steady work of grassroots listening and relationship building.  

 Interplay between The Climate League and the McGill Center has grown out of the June luncheon. Leaders in both organizations are communicating about energy efficiency improvements and a solar installation options for the center. In addition, Herbert McGill (pictured)  co-led a breakout session on Energy Insecurity at the Oct. 20th River Valley Green Energy and Education Workshop hosted by The Climate League in association with UAFS.