Visit to Dumas – Spring 2022

A healthy climate takes many forms. In early 2022, Onie Norman, a longtime community organizer and friend of The Climate League, told us about her intention to secure playground equipment for a park in her Dumas neighborhood, a community resource she’s been nurturing for years. The park is a welcoming green space featuring large trees and a few benches. It is owned by the local Youth Improvement Club (YIC) and is adjacent to an elementary school, which does not have an adequate playground for the students – most of whom are African American. 

Climate League supporters contributed over $2000 to our “So Kids Can Run and Play Dumas Park Campaign”, which in turn helped the Dumas Youth Improvement Club unlock a $2,500 matching grant. Thank you to all who donated!  League Board Members Shelley Buonaituto and Robert McAfee traveled to Dumas on July 16, 2022 for a community celebration of fundraising accomplishments and presented Ms. Norman with a check courtesy of Climate League donors. 

 Late 2022 Update Under Ms. Norman’s leadership, the park project continues to advance, attracting support from the county and other entities. As of late fall, Ms. Norman was working to acquire a set of used, good condition playground equipment. Once the equipment is installed, an onsite celebration will be in order. We’ll be there to honor Ms. Norman and to cheer on the youth.