KUAF Ozarks At Large Interview 

In late August Ozarks At Large host Kyle Kellams’  sat down with Climate League Board Members Paulette Meikle and Robert McAfee, along with Herbert McGill (Director of Fort Smith’s McGill Center), and Dr. Latisha Settlage (Dean of the UAFS School of Business and Industry).  

 We’re grateful to Mr. Kellams for traveling to Fort Smith for the interview with this group of community leaders, each of whom is involved in the 10/20 River Valley Green Energy and Education Workshop.   Their discussion focused on the need for a just clean energy transition, the importance of the University serving as a model and bridge of empowerment for this transition, the value of bringing together diverse stakeholders (one of the key goals of the 10/20 Workshop), and the involvement of Fort Smith’s Black community. 

You can enjoy listening to the 8 minute segment at the KUAF website by clicking here