Our Resource Center is Open!

We’re thrilled!  On Sunday February 4th dozens of folks stopped by the Elizabeth McGill Drop-In Center in Fort Smith for the celebratory opening of the Arkansas Climate League Resource Center. 

 Herbert McGill Director of the McGill Center and Outreach Coordinator for the Climate League emceed the event, which included locally catered food, a drawing for home energy efficiency kits, and an introduction to the Resource Center’s services.   Check out our photo gallery here

We were delighted to be joined by Joshua Robertson – Fort Smith’s Deputy Director of Business, Isaac Salazar from Antioch Youth and Families, and Chris McRae from Solar Under the Sun, each of whom offered compelling remarks, respectively, about their work to increase city sustainability, improve lives and boost energy security.  

​The Climate League Resource Center will be staffed by Mr. McGill.  Local residents can visit the Center to get information about utility bill assistance, home weatherization assistance, green energy career education, food assistance and more.  Mr. McGill will assist with completing and filing applications and follow up with the applicants.  A grant from the Western Arkansas Community Foundation provided funding for a small laptop and portable printer to power this work.